We offer sustainably conscious styling and tailoring services for all women. 


Meet The Team

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Rosebud Studio is my passion project!

A business created in response to a need in a largely antiquated tailoring industry. An industry failing to recognize the ever-growing presence of women in the workforce. It is designed to help more women succeed by addressing the lack of diversity in women's bespoke tailoring services, access to professional attire and confidence when entering the workforce.


I want to challenge this ideology and advance the rate at which women obtain leadership roles.  

A visionary with a background in fashion, I create a comfortable space for women* to further develop a personal relationship with their professional attire. To see the potential beyond the garment itself. With sustainability at the pillar of my business practice we will work as much as possible with the items that you already own 


Amanda (she/her)

*Rosebud Studio is inclusive of all women (binary and non-binary)


How It Works

While working together in a personalized appointment we will go through your professional wardrobe to address the fit of each garment. In this appointment you can expect:

  • Expert opinion on fit/style/repairs

  • A strategy to help you achieve your wardrobe goals through knowledge of textiles, brands (both sustainable and non-sustainable) and fit

  • Expert advice on any alterations discussed

  • A plan to adjust these garments to suit your personal style

  • A summary of our session and key takeaways 

See our Giving Back section to find out how your purchase helps women in need!

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It Starts with a Chat

We align your personal & professional goals to create the best possible strategy

Approx. 10 - 15min  

Choose a Plan

Select a plan that works best for your goals and your budget. 

Book a Session

Select the time + location based on your schedule and then we make magic.

Empathy. Sustainability. Passion.

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Client Stories

“Amanda made my vision come to life. Will definitely use her services again”

Jennifer, 29